Which Mac suits my Logic Pro X use?

Did you ever wonder what Mac you need to fulfil all your Logic needs? Are you scared of purchasing an underpowered machine, or spending too much cash on a monster that you will always leave hungry for more? Well, this site should make the choice easier for you …

The idea is very simple: All users run the very same Logic Pro X project on their Mac, and continuously add tracks until they feel the limit is reached. Finally, the score is the maximum amount of tracks a Mac can play simultaneously in that Logic project, without lag or interruption. This standardised method of benchmarking through Logic Pro X makes it easy to compare all Macs to each other at the same level, and should help anyone who is interested in producing music on a Mac with Logic, finding the right computer for their needs.

New changes on the site

Dear visitors!

There are plans to improve the benchmark results chart. The idea is to see each submitted score individually, and not just the average for each model. The addition of new spec fields as well as a comment function for each entry has been proposed and will hopefully be integrated soon.

The newest change is the new discussion forum that we have implemented into the site. Come and join!

Please keep sending us your ideas and suggestions to improve the benchmark test. You can do so by using the contact form here.