This site was inspired by Evan’s Logic Pro Multicore Benchmark Test, which started life on the Gearslutz.com forum. The idea was to create a Logic Pro project, and run the same project on different Macs. By adding more and more tracks to the project, it was possible to see how many tracks a specific Mac could handle in Logic Pro.

Evan’s chart needed to be updated manually, which was probably very time consuming, and as a result, the last update came in 2011. Users on Gearslutz.com, however, continued to share their results in the Logic Pro Multicore Benchmark Thread. But this thread, which helped a lot of users decide which Mac they should upgrade to, lacked a visual representation and required users to search score results for specific Mac models across over a hundred pages – not exactly what you’d call simple.

Often, users have been using the same computer for ages already. But the world moves so fast, even Mac Minis rock Logic Pro these days – hence why they’re so popular among many music producers. People often have a hard time making a choice what Mac they should get for music production. You wish you could handle just 20 more tracks in Logic? Then use the Benchmark Results page to find out which Mac will do that, and that may be your future companion.

Apple owns the Logic & Logic Pro brand.
This site is not owned by Apple nor is it led by Apple in any form. It’s a fan-site to help users make the right choice when buying their next Mac. Too many people buy the wrong gear or save money in the wrong place and then complain or act disappointed. The goal of this site is just to make everyone happy. (Okay, this goal might be hard to reach)