2019 Mac Pro can play up to 1000 audio or software tracks

The 2019 Mac Pro was announced by Apple at the Worldwide Developer Conference with David Earl showing some of the things this new machine is capable of in the world of Logic Pro. Earl demonstrates the new Mac Pro playing a thousand tracks inside the brand new version of Logic, which is, as he says, “all about performance”.


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The tracks used appear to be a mix of virtual instruments and audio tracks. Earl explains that “every row is a track, and every track represents an individual musical instrument performance.” He states that instrument libraries are being used, and you can see Native Instruments’ Kontakt in the plugin chain in the background, with the track count being a little over a hundred. It seems, however, as if these are mainly grouped channels with only the MIDI being loaded to the Kontakt plugins. He then proceeds to load probably around 900 audio tracks, since he later states that there are a thousand tracks being played.

As stated by Earl, the new version of Logic Pro can now play a thousand instrument tracks or audio tracks. That is four times more than previous versions of Logic Pro. And yet, only around 56% of the 2019 Mac Pro’s CPU power, spread across its 28 cores, is being used by this project.

Besides Native Instruments’ Kontakt we can also see some default Apple Logic plugins in the plugin chain, such as the Channel EQ, the Compressor, the Overdrive plugin, and the Gain plugin. From what is seen, Busses are being used as well.

The new version of Logic Pro can not only run four times as many tracks as previous versions, but the new Mac Pro can also run four times as many tracks as the previous most powerful Mac Pro, which, according to our chart, is the Late 2013 12-Core Mac Pro.

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