LogicBenchmarks.com was inspired by Evan’s Logic Pro Multicore Benchmark Test, which started life on the Gearslutz.com forum. The main idea was to use a pre-set Logic Pro project where users could duplicate the present virtual instrument tracks and report how many of them their Mac could run, before receiving a CPU overload message.

Evan’s chart needed to be updated manually, which was time consuming and made the benchmark comparison dependent on someone. Other forums started using similar Benchmark tests, making cross-forum comparisons even more difficult – often with a language barrier.
LogicBenchmarks.com wants to simplify this process by centralising the benchmark comparison in a single place and by using a visual chart, which updates automatically as users add their scores through the Submit Score page.

Apple owns the Logic & Logic Pro brand.
This site is not owned or led by Apple in any form. It’s a non-profit site made to compare different Mac models.

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