How does it work?

Please note that you need to be using Logic Pro X or higher to add your score to our chart.

1) Download the Benchmark Test

Download this Logic Pro X project and open it on your Mac.

Download file

The project consists of 84 instances of the EXS24 sampler, of which 16 are already turned on. The plugin chain includes a Ringshifter, Compressor, Channel EQ and Space Designer. The default Buffer is set to 256.

2) Check these settings

The only settings you should check are the number of threads selected. Go to Preferences → General → Devices. Select the maximum number of available threads. This will vary depending on the number of cores your Mac has (i.e. 4 cores = 8 threads, 12 cores = 24 threads). You should use all your cores.

3) Duplicate tracks & play the loop

Duplicate the existing tracks, turn them on and hit the Play button. Play the loop several times. If everything works normally, repeat this process until you’re not able to play the loop properly anymore, due to lagging, freezing or any other issue. Stop and replay several times, so Logic can learn how to spread the processing load in the most efficient way. If after several times you still get a system overload message, or the playback is lagging, your limit is reached.
Your score is the last number of tracks where you were able to pass the loop at least several times without any interruption or lag.

Remember to be realistic. We all want objective results. If you think you’re ready, go to the next page to select your Mac and submit your score!

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